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This Robot Oil Rig is hungry for oils and wont stop till it gets some! This is an absolute must for any collector and oil enthusiast! Jerome Baker Designs went all out in their creation of this Vapor Bubbler which is 1 of 4 in the robot Collector’s Series.

These robots are not here to take over the world but to spread joy and vapor! This Oil Crisis JBD oil rig comes complete with male 10mm vapor dome and quartz nail, domeless nail or oil honeybucket, where you can place your precious oils and concentrates. Smoke then travels through the inline perc and gets recycled once more before inhaling from the mouthpiece on the robot’s head. This all creates a sublime toke that is full of flavour but easy on the throat and lungs.

The Jerome Baker Oil Crisis measures around 6 inches (15.2cm) in height and has a 10mm female joint size. All JBD rigs are made in the USA and shipped from the USA. It comes delivered in a custom made Jerome Baker lunchbox, which is a true masterpiece and perfect as a gift to any friend. Don’t wait for the robot’s to walk away and get yours now.

Because Jerome Baker products are hand blown and known for their uniqueness, every piece can either come with a laboratory-grade borosilicate glass vapor dome and nail, domeless nail or oil honeybucket. Which you’ll get will be all up to Jerome Baker’s inspiration at that moment! One thing is sure, both work perfectly with all concentrates and essential oils.

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